USGBC South Florida Chapter
Celebrates 10 Years of Service
to Community


Message from the President

Anniversaries encourage us to reflect on the past, relive an important moment in the present and look ahead to the future.  I'm honored to recognize the 10-Year Anniversary of the USGBC South Florida Chapter. 

In 2004, a handful of talented individuals gathered to discuss the concept of formally bringing the US Green Building Council's message of sustainable building practices, including LEED, to the South Florida community.  In the ensuing decade, not only has the green-building movement unquestionably been transformational, I'm proud to state that so too has been the growth of the result of those first few gatherings -- the USGBC South Florida Chapter. 

With its focus on education and advocacy, the USGBC South Florida Chapter has become a strong, relevant organization in the past decade.  We owe our sustained success to our volunteers -- their talent, their hard work, and their vision -- and to a long list of sponsoring companies.  Together, we have created a unique resiliency, especially for a nonprofit organization whose formative years were during, at times, a difficult economy.  We have built our reputation as an industry leader on quality education programs, extraordinary customer service and, of course, a truly amazing cadre of volunteers. 

We strive to be a good corporate citizen in our broad community -- from the Treasure Coast, down through Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade, and into the Keys.  We haven't wavered from our Mission -- to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, enabling a sustainable and socially responsible, healthy and prosperous environment for people to live, work, learn and play.

As we look forward, we continue to see great opportunities within our challenges, and we are committed to meeting them with the determination and unstoppable passion that has defined our volunteers' commitment these past 10 years.  That focus and our guiding principles have made our Chapter the leader that it is today -- not only in Florida, but across the USGBC's network of Chapters.  I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of the South Florida Chapter is yet to come.

If you are one of our many members and volunteers -- past and present -- we thank you for your commitment.  Your work sows the seeds of change that are vital in this movement.  We simply could not do it without you.  If you’re just beginning to learn what the USGBC is all about, we would love to have you join our remarkable family of volunteers. 

Here's to 10 amazing years and to the exciting future we know our Chapter will have.


Sandra Lee, Volunteer and President
USGBC South Florida Chapter


 A Special Anniversary Message from Rick Fedrizzi,
President and CEO, USGBC

Nuts and Bolts, Bricks and Mortar

"Green buildings really do offer great hope for
our economy, our environment and our future. 
Each of us has a role to play – as advocate,
educator, practitioner or volunteer – and
the brilliance with which our Chapter
family has regularly stepped up to this role
never ceases to amaze, humble and inspire me."
Stephen Chang, Volunteer and Chair,
10-Year Anniversary Committee

Making a Tangible Difference:
10 Years of Greening Buildings and Communities in South Florida

One of the primary metrics that we look at to measure 10 years of Chapter and USGBC influence is the number of LEED projects that are Certified in our region.  From modest beginnings, Florida is now the fourth-ranked state in the USA in number of LEED Certified projects -- 2014 will see our 350th added to the list.  The following links represent South Florida LEED Certified projects statistics through May 3, 2014:
Congratulations South Florida and all companies that had even the smallest hand in this ongoing market transformation! 

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