Support Makes Sense and
Shapes our Communities

It’s Local.  When you donate to the USGBC South Florida Chapter, you are helping your local communities. The educational programming we provide on a monthly basis from the Treasure Coast down through the Keys attracts local people who are concerned, just like you are, about sustainability, conservation and green building. They use that knowledge to improve the world around them, which means it improves your world, too! Our USGBC Chapter can provide that education because of the generosity of individuals and companies that sponsor programs and our nonprofit organization.

When it comes to advocacy, we are focused on the people and issues that mean the most to our area. We talk to mayors, city council members, planning boards, state representatives, school boards, principals, and more – all who can have an impact on where you live, work, learn and play. Our efforts are made possible because people like you and the companies you work for take the time to let us know what concerns them, and they back those efforts with their financial support.

It’s Inclusive.  When you donate to the USGBC South Florida Chapter, you are helping create a sustainable future for generations to come. But it’s more than that. 

Social equity is a tenant of our organization. We work to ensure that all people have clean air to breath and clean water to drink in their homes, schools, offices -- anywhere we live, work, learn and play. We believe that all individuals should experience the benefits that green building has to offer. We are concerned that the poor, disabled and disenfranchised have the same opportunities for a healthy environment that everyone does.

The themes are simple. Our kids deserve better. Where they learn matters. Your support can help us expand the USGBC's Green Schools program and Green Apple Day of Service to even more schools and communities. We partner with school boards, principals, teachers, teacher associations, student groups, students, parent organizations and parents to help them improve their surroundings through green-building and sustainability practices. 

Not only that, we bolster the Science curriculum anywhere a Green Apple Day of Service takes place. Whether the project is setting up a vegetable or butterfly garden, removing trash from a playground, or reorganizing or re-designing a classroom, there are always teachable moments. Where can all the trash go? Why is it important to attract butterflies? How do bees help the vegetables grow? Why does using one paint over another make a difference? These teachable moments encourage and inspire curiosity. Action creates wonder. Teachers, parents and children work together to create an experience that makes learning easy and fun. 

With your support, we can help even more.

It’s Balanced.  When you donate to the USGBC South Florida Chapter, your donation supports an organization with a belief in the Triple Bottom Line. 

Just like you, we are concerned about conservation and sustainability. And, just like you -- but unlike many other environmental organizations -- we don’t stop there. We are just as concerned about social and economic impact. We believe in a healthy and dynamic balance between environmental, social and economic prosperity. You can be assured that solutions are impactful, practical and feasible. Our actions are made with integrity and concern for the bigger picture. 

The Triple Bottom Line is one way we distinguish ourselves from the organizations that do similar work. It’s one of many reasons why you should choose to support the USGBC South Florida Chapter.

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Be Part of an Organization that Celebrates Success

We are proud to partner with those who share our passion and values. Support from individuals and corporations has helped make the Chapter the leading green-building organization in South Florida concerned with making change in the built environment for positive environmental impact. 


Your Contribution is Critical!

Without financial support, we could not produce the essential, high-quality programming and advocacy initiatives necessary to our region. As with other nonprofit organizations, funding is often difficult to come by -- such support is even more difficult to secure in tougher economic times. Charitable gifts, large and small, make a huge difference to our organization.

Truly, philanthropic support is an investment in greatness, providing the means for value-added impact. Please consider helping the USGBC South Florida Chapter reach our goals by making a tax-deductible donation. Whether it's for personal gratification or for the purpose of demonstrating corporate responsibility, your donation will make you feel great about being a part of the solution. 

Thank you for being an important part of an organization celebrating more than 10 years of successes in South Florida.

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Ways you can help …

Companies Can Sponsor

The US Green Building Council South Florida Chapter invites your company to support our Chapter's activities by partnering with us as part of the Sponsors Circle Program.                                                                                           

Sponsors Circle Program

The Chapter’s Sponsors Circle Program is a commitment to supporting leading-edge green building and community design in the South Florida region and the transformation of the building industry toward sustainability. By investing in our Chapter, you are lending critical funding to support a wide range of educational initiatives from the Treasure Coast down through Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and the Keys.

Our nonprofit Chapter's program is simple -- we collaborate with “best in class” partners whose values align with the US Green Building Council to address the continually evolving needs of the green building and sustainable communities’ marketplace.

As you can see from the logos and company names listed at the bottom of this page, your business would be in very good company, indeed! There are several categories of annual support, each with a comprehensive and valuable list of benefits

  • Platinum -- $10,000+
  • Gold -- $7,500 +
  • Silver -- $5,000 +
  • Green -- $2,500 +
  • Patron -- $500 +
Branch Program Sponsorship

The five Branches of the South Florida Chapter bring important programming to the local level. From GREENworking (our version of networking) to educational seminars that help you obtain credentialing, each Branch tailors programs and tours to the needs of its community.

Generally, it costs a Branch approximately $400 to host a program. 

10 Year Anniversary Special – Website Recognition

Want to be included on each page of our website throughout the year? Consider becoming a Patron of the Chapter for an additional $350. 
Your company name will be listed among our Patron level Sponsors Circle partners for one year with a link to your website -- a great investment for a year’s worth of inclusion among your peers. This is an outstanding way to show your support for 10 years of green building advocacy and education.

Simply donate $750, which includes the Branch Program Sponsorship ($400) and this speical anniversary website-recognition offer ($350).
Individuals can contribute

Individual donors

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. The same is true of charitable contributions. We need many individuals to understand the importance of our work and support that work.

No donation is too small. Truly, every contribution helps us drive Mission. $5 … $25 ... $50 ... $100 -- every dollar can help sustain or kick-start a program.

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Chapter Membership

If you would like to be part of our community of members, click here to join. Our members not only support us through their annual membership contributions, but also have the opportunity to join us for our monthly programming. It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals while learning more about the South Florida Chapter’s work and green building. Oftentimes, we partner with other organizations to provide a richer, more in-depth exploration of a topic – and to “GREENwork” with their members, too! Join Today!


Your annual donation of $250 or more puts you in the company of some of the most dedicated individuals of the Chapter. Each year, these individuals (many of whom are also volunteers) make the Chapter a priority in their lives through their contributions. When you donate at this level, we will show our appreciation by listing your name among these special individuals on our website.

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The Cornerstone Circle

With an annual donation of $1,000 or more to the Chapter, you become part of the Cornerstone Circle – an extraordinary group of individuals demonstrating their belief that the Chapter’s work is important to them and crucial to sustaining their communities.

Like the cornerstone of a building, your support will help us form the foundation for ongoing future activities – activities that will make our Vision a reality:
Buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of the local South Florida region within this generation.
The Chapter will honor you by listing your name on our website and sending you a certificate of appreciation. You will receive a complimentary Chapter Membership and be invited to all of our Chapter and Branch programs, tours and events. You will be part of a movement that will improve the environments where we live, work, learn and play – home by home, building by building, playground by playground, school by school, and city to city.

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Remember the Chapter in Your Estate

Another way that individuals can help sustain the work of the South Florida Chapter, a nonprofit (501[c][3]) organization, is by considering planned giving or charitable gift planning before your estate is settled. Depending on your type of estate plan, giving assets now can make a great deal of sense from a business and tax perspective. Contributions can be as simple as an outright charitable bequest of a specific sum of money to the Chapter in your will, or you can designate a percentage of the overall value of your estate after settlement. Benefactors can choose to assign specific property to the organization (real estate, Individual Retirement Accounts or securities), or can decide to designate the Chapter as the recipient of a life insurance policy. Depending on your individual situation, the way you choose to remember the Chapter can have immediate and future fiscal and tax implications for you, and can also result in a feeling of pride for helping the Chapter continue its green building mission.

Planned giving also includes a variety of more sophisticated methods, including Charitable Gift Annuity Trusts, Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, and other advanced giving vehicles, each providing very real tax implications. The Chapter recommends in-depth research before selecting your method of giving, including securing professional advice from Certified Financial Planners, estate-planning attorneys, trust officers or life-insurance professionals.

Prefer to use a check or money order to make a donation?

Checks made payable to “USGBC South Florida Chapter” may be mailed to USGBC South Florida Chapter, c/o Florida Atlantic University, College of Engineering and Computer Science, 777 Glades Road, Room EE329, Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991. Please do not send cash. Note: The Chapter is housed on the FAU campus, but is not affiliated with the University.

Questions regarding any aspect of charitable support for the Chapter, including making company-matching donations or bequests, should be directed to Lee Cooke, our Executive Director.

Important information

The US Green Building Council South Florida Chapter is a nonprofit (501[c][3]) organization. Contributions to the Chapter are deductible for Federal income-tax purposes to the extent allowed by law. The Chapter reserves the right to refuse donations that are not in the best interests of the Chapter. Thank you for your support!


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